Turbo & Supercharger solutions

  • Charge Air Cooler

    Hanon Systems offers a portfolio of air charge air coolers that transfer heat from boosted air into ambient air. Variants support diesel or gasoline engine package constraints, including full-face, brick and wheel arch styles. By leveraging global standard designs, with core depths ranging from 30 to 105 mm, Hanon Systems has reduced costs while providing package flexibility. Heat exchanger expertise and analytical tools allow tube and fin geometry optimization to meet performance, efficiency and pressure drop requirements.

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  • Water Charge Air Cooler

    Hanon Systems offers a portfolio of water-cooled charge air coolers that transfer heat from intake air to a coolant loop using a low temperature radiator. This secondary loop architecture makes it possible to position the cooler away from the front of the engine compartment, without a loss of charge air pressure. Hanon Systems’s water-cooled charge air coolers deliver increased package flexibility as stand-alone units or when integrated into the engine intake manifold.

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Pumps & Valves

Electronic coolant pumps are a key component to supply coolant on-demand for critical thermal management systems. By cooling the engine precisely and only as required, electronic coolant pumps reduce fuel consumption with the additional benefit of curbing friction losses and emissions.
Hanon Systems electronic coolant pumps are applied in indirect intercooling of boosted combustion engines, start/stop technology, hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EV) and fuel cell vehicles. The pumps support a wide range of next generation thermal management systems where an engine belt may not be available, including cooling of batteries, DC/DC converters and power electronics.
Hanon Systems’s portfolio of electric coolant pumps use brushless DC (BLDC) motors to offer a wide range of power, from 10 to 1,000 Watts. The on-board electronics deliver precise, variable flow control and respond rapidly to provide engine cooling and cabin comfort, especially at cold start.

Electronic Wastegate Actuator (eWGA)

A wastegate bypasses a portion of exhaust flow around the turbine of a turbocharger to control boost pressure. Hanon Systems’s electronic wastegate actuator (eWGA) precisely regulates the maximum turbo boost pressure to enhance engine performance, durability and drivability. The quick regulation shortens the time required to bring the catalyst up to operating temperatures by providing a wide-open wastegate and maximizing direct exhaust flow during cold start.
eWGA features the latest advancements in electronic actuators for accurate control over a wide range of operating conditions. A patented and proprietary helix gear design delivers high closing force for increased boost pressure. The unit offers direct positive sensing of stem travel for precise control. The mating design allows flexible alignment to connect the turbocharger and wastegate flap.