Through the multi-level CAE, Hanon Systems can deliver optimum Designs(in a short tine at a low cost)

Comprehensive Expertise and Tools

Expert level support at regional R&D centers provides preliminary CAE analysis of all products lines and systems level analysis. Hanon Systems is one of only a few Tier 1 climate
control suppliers with global breadth and depth that can deliver comprehensive, system and component level analysis across all climate product lines. Tools include 1-D
system level analysis and 3-D linear and non-linear structural analysis. Hanon Systems has high performance computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools and expertise, including fluid flow prediction, transient thermal performance and aero-acoustics noise prediction. Other tools include cycle fatigue prediction, dynamic analysis and electromagnetic
simulation. Hanon Systems’s expertise and tools support customers and product development for early feasibility analysis, quotation and new model design, and for research related to new product development.
  • Thermal management analysis of the powertrain system using the principles of CAD / CAE integration.

  • Structural and NVH analyses of the compressor enhance performance, improve durability and reduce noise.

  • Aero-acoustic analyses show the transient formation of noise sources within an HVAC module.

  • CFD analysis is utilized to optimize the flow path within an HVAC module.

  • CFD, structural and NVH analysis of exchanger to optimize the flow, improve durability and reduce noise

  • Cabin interior airflow analysis for heating, ventilation and air conditioning with external airflow

Support of All Product Lines

CAE expertise and tools are readily available within Hanon Systems for analysis of products including heating ventilation and air conditioning; compressors; powertrain cooling;
fluid transport; and electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle thermal systems.

Simulation Based Design Philosophy

Designing components and systems in today’s competitive automotive environment requires early CAE involvement in the design. This means involving the CAE expertise during the early design stages to provide engineering teams the optimum amount of performance prediction of the design before any prototypes are constructed. This saves cost associated with the development, but more importantly yields a much higher success during of the first stage prototype testing and evaluation (lower early design failure rates). This leads to shorter overall design cycle time and allows new products to be brought to market more quickly. Some Hanon Systems proprietary tools speed this design process and allow more virtual models to be constructed within a given design cycle.