Hanon Systems supports the need to protect the planet for
future generations, and joins other companies in the worldwide
effort to mitigate the effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
on the earth’s climate, resources and its people by declaring a goal to be
carbon neutral by 2040.
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Areas of Focus

  • Carbon Emissions

    The company sets targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across all its sites with a focus on the impact of climate change.

  • Renewable Energy

    Hanon Systems is conducting plant-specific energy profile assessments with a focus on renewable energy generation and procurement of renewable energy certificates (REC).

  • Supply Chain

    Suppliers play an important role in the company’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint. The three-step approach is to: establish a carbon emission inventory, encourage active supplier involvement and assess suppliers through audits.

  • Manufacturing Processes

    The company launched a cross-functional task force team to assess its carbon footprint, set more aggressive environmental targets for manufacturing operations, bolster existing processes to include climate factors and strengthen employee awareness.

  • Sustainable Design

    Hanon Systems continues to develop innovative solutions to support electrified vehicles, and to invest its capital and resources to promote the global adoption of eco-friendly vehicles. In its effort to be carbon neutral, the company is focusing on product design and manufacturing processes from cradle-to-grave.

  • Environmental Stewardship

    The company views climate change as a responsibility to operate as a good corporate citizen in environmental stewardship. This effort surrounds a corporate-wide focus to reduce the company’s carbon footprint across every aspect of the business.