Hanon Systems Hosts 2019 Forum to Promote Mutual Growth and Sharing with Suppliers

Company reaffirms commitment to “Win-Win” mutual growth and collaborates with suppliers to support the welfare of local communities


SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 1, 2019 – Hanon Systems (KS: 018880), a leading global thermal and energy management automotive supplier, hosted a two-day event for supplier partners in Korea to promote cooperation and mutual growth.


The event, which took place Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 in Ulsan, was attended by 67 supply partner companies that compose the Hanon Systems Supplier Council and featured two forums – the Forum of Communication and the Forum of Sharing.


At the Forum of Communication, attendees learned about activities to improve productivity and global competitiveness, shared collective insights in leading practices, and engaged in a special lecture surrounding the important social issue in Korea related to reduced working hours for employees.


The Forum of Sharing involved a collaborative donation activity aimed at fostering a culture of social contribution. More than 72 million KRW was raised and directed to support local underprivileged families and neighborhoods. This is the ninth consecutive year for this event, which aligns with the company’s Hanon Systems Citizen social responsibility program that commits to actions that reach-out to parts of society that need support. Besides initiatives that positively impact the welfare of local communities, the other two distinct areas of this program include a focus on education and environment.


Our supplier business partners are valued and continue to play a significant role in laying a solid foundation for a sustainable future,” said Min Sung, chief operating officer of Hanon Systems. “We commit to this ‘win-win’ approach with suppliers, and look forward to the ongoing and collaborative efforts that will create value and result in mutual growth for all involved.”


Hanon Systems plans to continue leading the realization of social values through various programs, including technology, finance, management and education, with a goal to build a system of win-win growth with suppliers.


Since Hahn & Co. acquired majority equity interest in Hanon Systems in 2015, the company has made significant progress in strengthening its supplier relationships through various initiatives.


This event marks the third for suppliers of Hanon Systems in 2019; the company’s annual Partners Day was held in March and a seminar for suppliers was held in April.